What Is 4D Lotto [Famous 4D Operators  In Malaysia And Singapore]

What Is 4D Lotto? The full form of 4-D is 4-Digits. 4D is a simple and straight game between Malaysia and Singapore. It is very popular because of its simple and super easy rules. Any Individual can play this game by selecting four digits. 

Select any four digits between 0000 and 9999 and bet the amount you want to win. But keep in mind the minimum bet should not be more than 1 $. In every draw twenty-three, winning numbers will be drawn. If any one number matches, the winning number will get a prize. 

For this purpose, the draw will be conducted on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. These days 4D lucky numbers are announced. On some Special occasions, 4D may conduct a Special Draw on Tuesday In Malaysia. Otherwise, the draw is only on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is known as 4D lotto or 4D TOTO.

Famous 4D Lotto Operators

4D Lotto

4D is very famous in Malaysia and Singapore. It has six license operators that are known as 4D operators. The three well-known operators of Peninsular Malaysia are :

  • 4D Magnum
  • Sports Toto
  • Damacai. 

The other three operators in East Malaysia are: 

  • Special Cashsweep 
  • Sandakan4D 
  • Sabah88. 

Singapore has one licensed operator that is recognized as Singapore Pools. It is very popular in Singapore.

A public message for 4D gamers

 “Play 4d games with only licensed operators. Don’t play with any illegal bookie. 4D betting through a bookie will be an offense, and you may be jailed. But your winning is guaranteed if you play with these reliable 4D Operators.”

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